MultiBank Group Loyalty Bonus - up to $3,500

MultiBank Group Loyalty Bonus - up to $3,500
  • Promotion Type: Loyalty Program
  • Promotion Period: Unlimited
  • Promotions: Loyalty Bonus up to $3,500

MultiBank’s Loyalty Bonus is for our long-term customers, who can earn up to $3,500 when they top up their trading accounts. To qualify, all you need to do is meet the below trading lots requirement.

Deposit Amount Loyalty Bonus Lots RT Target
$50,000+ $3,500  1,060
$40,000-$49,999 $2,500 810
$30,000-$39,999 $1,625 550
$20,000-$29,999 $875 310
$10,000-$19,999 $350 130
$5,000-$9,999 $175 95
$2,000-$4,999 $90 75
$1,000-$1,999 $75 65
$200-$999 $40 40

Available to:
New Trader

How to Apply:

  1.     Register an account
  2.     Choose the Bonus that suits your most.
  3.     Get a Bonus to trade

Terms Conditions
1. The Loyalty Bonus is losable and available to be used within 3 months

2. This bonus is applicable only to additional deposits (top ups), and does not apply to your initial first-time deposit

3. The bonus is only withdrawable once the lots round trip target is reached (please see below ‘Lots RT Target’ table)

4. This bonus is available across all platforms and trading companies of MultiBank Group

5. Trades opened and closed in less than 120 seconds and CFD trades do not count towards the lots target

6. This bonus cannot be used in combination with any other bonuses

7. Manipulation of the system by arbitrage trading is strictly prohibited, and the company reserves the right to correct trading calculations

8. This bonus shall be automatically deducted in case withdrawals are made before the lots round-trip target is reached

9. MultiBank Group reserves the right to correct the trading calculation in the event of any suspected abuse or manipulation of this bonus policy and promotion.
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